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It's TRUE! Pokemon is the puddin'!

pokemon sex book

Stupendous Pokémon Math Pimping Workbooks
If an Articuno sold a ho in Pallet Town to Indigo Plateau for $100, how many Ice Beam attacks could it execute if the bitch took the money? Hone your math skills with a new line of workbooks.

pokemon sex cd

Pokémon Sex World CD
This Special Collector's Edition Enhanced CD contains 3 boring zany songs, a 1 minute video of the Pokémon World Sex Finals, Pokémon Penis Screensaver and 4 different Pokémon Watersports World Wallpapers.

Ultimate Loser Strategy
Even the greatest Pokémon nerds need a little help every now and then. (for sure)

Prime Pokémon Sheet Music
Think you have a future career in the music business? Ha! Think again! Before you get your hopes up, try rockin' out to the stupid PokéRap and the lameass Pokémon Theme on your kazoo or banjo.

Pokémom Nerd Discovered!
Pete Schwartz of North Carolina is Nintendo's Ultimate PokéMOM contest nerd.

Pokémon Trading Cards are Lame
Discover what's new in the loser trading card world.

More Stupid Pokémon Crap
Click here for even more assinine news from the Pokémon universe!

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