So Uncool? Keke sure is. She's riding the uncoolcentral coattails to fame and never even thanked us.

So Uncool (Video)

"Palmer chose the title after reading the definition of uncool 'Not in accord with the standards or mores of a specified group'. She instantly thought that the word 'uncool' was very cool, especially the part about, 'not in accord with other people's standards'. (- From Wikipedia)

So Uncool? Whatever.

  • She's a mega pop star/actress. How uncool is that?
  • If 'So Uncool' is so uncool, why does she already have three singles from the album?
  • Oh yeah, and three DVDs too. Thank you corporate monters.

Her name is Lauren Palmer

Does that mean anything?! No. Is using a stage name uncool? No, that's not so uncool, at least not in the way she wants it to be. Listen to some better (freer) music instead.