ohio pinball

Ohio Pinball in Athens Ohio

A near-exhaustive list of locations to play pinball in 45701.
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updated 6.13.06


Venue Game OK?
Universe of Superheroes nothing N/A
The Union Simpsons Pinball Party Y
Athena Grand South Park Y
Athena Grand NASCAR Y
Lollipop (Uptown) Lord of the Rings Y
Lollipop (Uptown) Ripley's Believe It or Not Y
Lollipop (Uptown) South Park Y
Campus Sundry Revenge from Mars Y
Campus Sundry Star Wars Y
Campus Sundry Baywatch Y
Speed Queen (Richland) Flintstones Y
Speed Queen (Richland) Addams Family No
Speed Queen (State) Swords of Fury Y
Speed Queen (State) Rescue 911 Y
Souvlaki's Taxi Y
Souvlaki's Elvira Y
Buffalo Wild Wings Indiana Jones Y
Baker Center (OU) The Shadow Y
CiCi's Pizza Star Wars Episode I Y
Tony's Tavern Addams Family Y
Rollerbowl Lanes NBA Fastbreak ?
TnT's Fun Center Lethal Weapon 3 No
"No" = machine is in (considerably) less than ideal shape

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If you need directions to any of these places, head to maps.google.com (best online mapping ever) and type in the venue name and the zip - e.g. speed queen 45701