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McDonald's Restaurant in the Fitzgeralds
Type: Fast Food
McDonald's seats 134 guests and is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An atrium allows viewing of the Fremont Street Experience Light and Sound Shows. A boutique sells Las Vegas souvenirs with McDonald's logo. McDonald’s is situated near our front entrance.
Phone: 702-388-2400      Hours: Open daily    

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Ratings for McDonald's
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Total Times Rated: 23 1-10   Over All Rating: 4.47
Ambiance: 4.34 43.47%     56.52%
Would you eat here again?     NO
Service: 4.43
Food: 4.26 52.17%     47.82%
Is this restaurant Family Friendly?      NO
Value: 4.86
Last rating added: 04/17/01 from

Comments about McDonald's
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McDonald's in Fitzgeralds for Dinner
Date Visited: 08/01 - Undecided
From the moment that I walked in, I knew I was in for a treat. From the tile floor to the exquisite tables, everything was 5 star quality. When I ordered my food, I was offered larger sizes for only 39 cents. Only in Las Vegas. I only wish that this "McDonalds" place existed outside of Las Vegas. Please come to Chicago. We need a McDonalds here. I am taking a trip to Vegas very soon just to eat in this place again at the Fitzgeralds.
<21096> - Chicago IL USA - Added 08/15/01 - []     2420

McDonald's in Fitzgeralds for Lunch
Date Visited: 04/01 - Good Meal
Probably the best fries around. Burgers weren't as greasy as I'd like, but had consistent texture. Bacon was available on most products for a nominal fee. All the counter-staff were wearing clean uniforms, though I noticed one young lad with what appeared to be a "special sauce" stain near his lapel. McDonald's... mmmm good.
<uncoolcentral> - USA - Added 04/18/01 - []     2112

McDonald's in Fitzgeralds for Please Se
Date Visited: 07/00
OWWWWW! Stop it! It hurts! I've never laughed so hard in my life! Oh, man! That was rich! McDonalds...oh yeah, that's good! Ahhhhhh... Little Arturo
<17497> - Miami FL USA - Added 00/00/00 - []     1490

McDonald's in Fitzgeralds for Please Se
Date Visited: 01/00
You've got to be kidding.
<grclifton1@msn.com> - Las Vegas Nv USA - Added 00/00/00 - []    1560

McDonald's in Fitzgeralds for Please Se
Date Visited: 08/99 - Undecided
How in the hell are you going to write a comment about a fricking McDonalds. Duh.........Ya'all want a hot apple pie wit dat.
<12939> - USA - Added 00/00/00 - []     742

McDonald's in Fitzgeralds for Lunch
Date Visited: 03/97 - Good Meal
It's been a few years, but I can still remember it well. I felt myself pulled in by the neon sign. Then the food!!! The filet-o-fish, plain just like I ordered it. The fries, hot out of the fryer. The ice-cold Coke, refreshing and quenching my thirst. MMMM. . . of course, I couldn't find any room for a hot fudge sundae dessert, but boy did I try!!! C'mon, folks, who could possibly ask for a higher quality dining experience than McDonald's at the Fitz??? You stuck-up snobs can have your dinners at Bellagio, Paris, Ceasar's, and the other Strip places. For me, I know I'll never be closer to heaven than when I'm enjoying EXTRA VALUE at McDonalds! See ya soon!
<14907> - I USA - Added 00/00/00 - []     932

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