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Solution: Started having problem when zooming on weapon in Borderlands


(Error help!) - by Dan D.

Iinstalled a new mouse from monoprice.com and immediately started having problems in the game Borderlands. When I'd right click to zoom, and then release the right mouse button, I'd end up facing a different direction. Down, left, right, whatever, it sucked strategically.

borderlands mouseThen (after googling for twenty minutes) my incredibly intelligent friend Chris suggested it might be the mouse drivers. I went to uninstall the mouse in the windows 7 device manager and then restarted but that didn't help.

I even switched back to my old mouse, which also didn't help.Lame. Then somebody had the brilliant idea of checking the control panel add/remove progerams. Sure enough there was a recent entry for something like "mouse driver". I removed that and now all mice work just fine.

No more weapon zoom problems in Borderlands. (Not Borderlands 2, but I think that's the same engine, so if you're having the same problem in Borderlands 2, might be the same thing.

Re: the monoprice mouse, I LOVE it. It's cheap AND great. Has on-the-fly dpi modification and I can remove or add weight to it easily so it feels great. It's huge, so my whole hand rests on it unlike these lame finger-only mice. Just don't install the drivers, they'll mess up your Borderlands zoom!


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