Guaranteed Lowest Price on the Internet for DVD Rewinding

No More Embarrassing Fines or Hassles at your Video Rental Store !!!
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Rewind your DVDs with

Digital Velocity®
(a subsidiary of Applied Gravitronics, Ltd, SA)
All Credit Card and PayPal Customers Welcome!

1. ENTER your credit card information
2.  INSERT the DVD into the CD tray of your computer
3. WAIT just 59 seconds...


...for the "Rewind Confirmed" message to flash at the bottom of this screen.
(*Note - flashing icon feature of Digital Velocity® not compatible with all CD players)

Your credit card will be charged only one dollar for each rewind! Pre-pay discounts available at the lowest prices on the Internet!!

Our rewind is guaranteed: it will NOT void your service agreement with Blockbuster or other major video rental outlets.
Do NOT be fooled by cheap imitations like, "99 cent / 30 second DVD rewind," their service is unreliable and known to damage DVDs.



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